Filmed locally in Tampa at various sites throughout the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Hearts of Mercy is based on the experiences of a Christian woman, who through visions and dreams, communicate with Mary, Mother of Jesus. The docu-drama follows lead character, Lina, through a fantastic journey into the spiritual realm as she tries to make sense of her supernatural encounters. While striving to serve God and witness to the power of miracles performed through her prayers, Lina faces persecution from friends, family, and other church members because of her experiences.

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As her faith grows deeper and her prayers become more powerful, she finds herself an outcast and an object of ridicule, gossip, and hatred in the community. The film explores these issues and identifies how our reliance on faith and prayer affects our daily lives, relationships, addictions, and even our health. The film highlights the vital role that Mother Mary plays as an intercessor between man and the Holy Trinity and will empower both believers and non-believers alike.

“The entire process has been a powerful experience for everyone involved in this project,” says Executive Producer, Celina Okpaleke, who along with a majority of the actors, resides in the Tampa Bay area. “It was like conducting an orchestra using the best musicians in the world. The entire production has been an awesome walk of faith.”

The Tampa premiere launches a series of national and international screenings which will take place in 25 major cities including Miami, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles as well as Lagos, Nigeria, London, England and San Juan, Puerto Rico.